About posting and reserving

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About posting and reserving

Post by CutepuppyBH on Sat Dec 31, 2016 9:14 pm

Post the parents of unborn offspring and the number of young to be born here so people can choose the name, gender, appearence (within some limitations) and personality of the one they want, then start playing as the one they want once the one they want is born.
Form for posting -
Parents: [Parents]
Number of young: [number of young]
Form for reserving young -
I would like to reserve [one of] the pup/fawn/kitten/calf/calve[s].
Name: [name]
Gender: [gender]
Appearence: [appearence]
Personality: [personality]
After the poster approves the reservation,
the reserver posts a profile of the one they reserved in the characters section.


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